How To Care For Your Temporaries

What to Avoid
· Biting into such things as apples, steak, bagels, etc.
· Sticky, chewy candy like licorice or gum.
It is very important to be diligent about oral care for these few weeks with temporaries. Here are some important tips.
· Try not to floss around the temporary crown. If you feel the need to floss, floss to the gum line and pull floss through. DO NOT floss up and down.
· Brush with a soft bristle toothbrush or use an electric toothbrush.
· Brush in circular motion along the gums on the cheek side as well as the tongue side of mouth. This helps to ensure healthy recovery of gums and limit bleeding.
· Use Listerine rinse as a mouthwash or warm salt water rinses to keep the area clean.
It is normal to feel a high spot upon biting down or feel minor rough areas. Please contact us to correct the problem. You may also experience some sensitivity to hot and cold liquids and foods. This is normal. Your temporaries may discolor some, especially with dark colas, wines, or coffee. Do not worry, your permanent veneers or crowns will not stain.
We look forward to seeing you next time!


Custom Shading Instructions

We work closely with our dental lab designers and we may coordinate a custom shade consultation for your next crown. Depending on the size shape and location of your crown you may be instructed to schedule an appointment with Design Dental Ceramics.
For your convenience we have provided the location and contact information.
Design Dental Ceramics
7260 Racquet Club Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84121
(801) 944-9989 ~ Home Bus. (801) 254-9412


Curious About What Sweets Are Best For Your Teeth?

Did you think that your dentist wants you to avoid all sweets? We’ll in the perfect world maybe, but we understand that sweets can be apart of a healthy diet in moderation. What we want you to consider is the type of sweets. The type of sweets can make a huge difference in the amount of time the sugar spends in your mouth.
Good Sweets- These dissolve and are eaten quickly.
· Cakes
· Donuts
· Fresh Fruit
· Chocolate Bars
Bad Sweets- They linger in your mouth to long.
· Breath Mints
· Sugared Chewing Gum
· Cough Drops
· Hard Candies, lollipops, etc.
Sugar free candy is always O.K.! And always remember to brush and rinse right after.