The history of Old Farm Professional Plaza began with a family owned farm. The land was developed and strategically outlined by the earliest settlers and was chiefly engineered according Brigham Young’s ideas. His engineering ideas were new and highly innovative. He formed the Salt Lake Valley streets in a brilliantly logical way using the grid system we know today. Broad straight streets, plumbing, and irrigation with large city blocks that consisted of 40 square acres were lined with houses creating inner local farming areas to support the families and provide room for cattle and livestock. If you look at the layout of Salt Lake area you will find this is true of many developed blocks in Utah. Old Farm on 700 East was no exception.

The land was once known as Peale Farm owned by the Peale family. It was later sold and renamed to Hill Farm. In the early 1900’s James A. Hogle bought the property as an investment. At the time the land was considered bottom land with a few small lakes and ice ponds. The ponds were used in the winter for ice harvesting. A process used to create and collect ice to sell for use in ice boxes before we had electric refrigerators. The land was undeveloped and was in foreclosure at the time when James A. Hogle bought it. He had the foresight to know that this land would someday be worth much more. James A. Hogle and his wife Mary Copley Hogle lived on the estate in the 1930’s. The Hogle family is well known for the many contributions they have given to the Salt Lake Valley including the Hogle Zoo. (link) They made many improvements to what was known as Hill Farm and years later the Farm had come to be known as the Old Farm. Ducks and Geese were brought in and the tall lush trees and foliage were maintained and developed into a park like setting. They also raised dairy cows and horses. Mary Hogle was a fine educated and diverse woman who was highly active in the community and was a peace activist. Being so involved and outgoing, James and Mary Hogle held many parties at the Farm. The Hogle family was known for their hospitality and took great pride in the lush beauty of Old Farm. Many beautiful flowers and colorful plantings are still there today.

Seen early on as an investment, Hogle family eventually sold much of their acquired property. The Old Farm property is still maintained and has been developed to house many residents, medical offices, and businesses in the Murray community. In the 1980’s a portion on the property was developed into the Old Farm Professional Plaza which houses the dental office of Dr. Jeffrey F. Ward today. We hope that you enjoy the comfortable setting and appreciate the history behind Old Farm as much as we do.